Shanili shoes: Lony black color, vegan woman shoes

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The size you chose may not exist in stock, but this model is manufactured in Israel and will be ready for shipment about three weeks from the day of order.

Classic vegan shoe. Its elegance crosses countries, cultures and languages.
This dark shoe lights & shines any chosen outfit.
Delicate with charm. This shoe is made for you!

Made with all non-animal products, including the glue. High-quality artificial leather. The perfect vegan shoe for you!

Handmade by Shanili.
PETA approved

These vegan shoes are made of microfiber (artificial leather) – developed using cutting edge technology based on polyester fibers that are intertwined into a polyurethane structure. The material is breathable, soft to the touch, strong, water resistant, and easy to clean (using a damp cloth).

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