Shanili bags: Black vegan unisex city backpack

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Lightweight, impressive and vegan backpack – the perfect leather-free for you! The bag is made of natural and organic cork, a new vegan material in the fashion world.
A unisex city backpack, which is dressed like a jacket and can be used at any time.
Thanks to its large straps and their shape, which is tailor-made for the back structure, the weight of the bag is perfectly dispersed over the entire back.

The tongues of the 2 front zippers go behind the back of the bag to feel anyone who would try to open it. With the invention on the secured closing system, the company won the French Ministry of the Interior Medal, the 2016 and 2018 European “Lépine” competition GOLD Medals.

The bag can be ordered in three different sizes: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE (the exact size list in the attached pictures).

More advantages: water resistant, natural, organic, lightweight, no discoloration, does not require maintenance, can be cleaned easily with a humid cloth and low carbon footprint.

Handmade by ARSAYO brand.

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