Shanili vegan shoes


Shanili story

Shanili was founded with a passion for high quality, stylish shoes combined with a love for animals. Shanili aims to be the leader in fine vegan shoes, from various countries around the world as well as from our private Israeli collection.

Shanili is an online site, offering vegan shoes for men and women in trendy and classic designs. We offer handcrafted shoes, belts, bags & fashion items made from the best artificial leathers, without compromising beauty or style.

When we realized that the market for 100% animal-free shoes was virtually nonexistent, we created Shanili to offer stylish, luxurious options for vegans and animal lovers alike. Our goal is to pioneer the vegan fashion revolution in the Israeli market.

We believe that embracing a vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean having to compromise on quality or style. Therefore, every design we select is specifically chosen to showcase the artistry and style of the designs. And our materials are virtually indistinguishable from leather - you’ll hardly believe you’re wearing vegan!

Beside our fashionable shoes you will also find vegan belts, bags, wallets and other cruelty-free accessories that will make you happy.

Shanili : because compassion never goes out of style.

Why Shanili?

Because compassion never goes out of style